Learning Czech As A Beginner

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Learning Czech As A Beginner


The Czech Language

More than 12 million people around the world speak Czech, a West Slavic language belonging to the Indo-European language family. Most of them are native speakers, but some learned Czech through self study, immersion, or familiarity, by having native Czech-speakers to practice with. Others studied at universities or other educational institutes that offer Czech language courses.

Why Learn Czech?

Learning another language can offer many benefits, such as the ability to express yourself creatively and stimulate your mind. Language learning can be a great way to challenge yourself and pick up new skills.

You can gain an edge in your business by learning a second language. This will make you more employable. Czech language learning is an excellent way to communicate and meet people from other cultures, and attract new clients. A second language can strengthen your brain and become more flexible as you age. It allows you to immerse yourself in Czech culture, arts and traditions. You will discover the secrets and stories behind world-famous culinary creations, and you will also understand the original dialogues in movies or films in Czech language.

Czech is not only one of the commonly spoken languages around the world, but also a great language to learn if you want to explore new countries! With Czech, you can visit many places and have amazing experiences.

How Can A Beginner Start To Learn Czech?


Learning Czech As A Beginner

The amount of time you spend practicing a language can impact how long it takes to learn it. There are over 300,000 Czech words, but you only use the top 1,000 Czech words every day. This is about 85% of what you talk about in your daily conversations.

One of the most difficult things about learning a new language is finding the time and resources to do it. Life always seems to get in the way, whether it's work, school, family commitments, or just being sick. It can be hard to stay motivated when you're constantly being interrupted.

But pausing doesn’t mean failing! 

It's about making an effort at evaluating all your daily activities, and then putting them into a schedule. This will allow you to track your daily activities and keep track of how much time you have spent. Isn't it better to learn by doing small chunks than spending five hours on a single subject? It's obvious that you won't be motivated to study if the hours you spend studying are too long.

There are a few things you should remember when setting your daily goal vocabulary. Even if only one word is learned per day, this is still progress. But not everyone has time to study and read. If you are just starting to learn and want to acquire at least 1,000 Czech words, we recommend you start with 10 words every day. This way, you will have approximately 900 Czech vocabulary in just three months. These words will suffice for daily conversations if you are an expat or in Czech-speaking countries for a short visit.

The faster you reach your goal, the more Czech words and phrases you can learn daily. If you learn 20 words per day for 50 days, it can be enough to help you master 1,000 vocabulary words. In just one month, you will be able to master the language if 30 new words are learned each day.

You might be looking for something to help you learn Czech. We can suggest MostUsedWords Frequency Dictionaries, as it is a great resource, with vocabularies that are suitable for all levels of fluency: beginner, intermediate, advanced students, and near-fluent learners. These links are affiliate links. We might get a small compensation from Amazon if you make a purchase through our link, at no additional payment from you.



The Best Way To Begin Learning Czech Vocabulary

There's no doubt that exposure to the Czech language through series, music, textbooks, eBooks, language apps, films, or even movies can help you learn the language, since you're enhancing your vocabulary, listening and writing skills. However, it's your motivation that will give you the extra push you need to succeed.

When you are just starting to learn a new language, it is normal to feel frustrated and demotivated at times. You may feel like you are not making any progress, or that you are just repeating the same things over and over without learning anything new. But don't worry! There are ways to make your Czech vocabulary learning more productive.



Staying Focused And Not Letting Frustration Get Ahead Of You

Learning Czech can be difficult and challenging, especially for beginners. The learning process can be quite overwhelming, with all the words and tasks you need to master in a limited time frame. However, if you neatly plan and schedule your learning method, you can avoid frustration and focus on your skill improvement.

Remember Why You Started

Are you doing it so you can still watch your favorite movie even without the subtitles? Do you want to improve your Czech language proficiency, so your Czech-speaker friends don't have to adapt to your native language? If you speak another language, is there a job opening that will really make you stand out in the crowd? Do you do this because you saw an amazing book at a library and decided that you would like to learn Czech so you could read it with ease? Whatever the reason you had to learn Czech as a beginner, hold onto it. When you feel like stopping, keep it in mind, so you can get right back on your feet, and it will surely boost your energy.

Change Your Czech Learning Materials

Perhaps you have had enough of your current learning style and are ready for a change. Boring and repetitive learning makes it more difficult to acquire knowledge. This is because not everyone is suitable for study routines.

The 100 most popular Czech words are essential for your learning process. Knowing which words to prioritize is essential for language learning. That way, you have a path towards Czech fluency. Basically, you must start with the basics of conversation and prioritize the higher frequency words.

Perhaps you can try the MostUsedWords Frequency Dictionaries. These can help you learn vocabulary quickly, and learn a language effortlessly just by reading!

The Czech Frequency Dictionary for Beginners contains the essential 2500 Czech words and phrases. To help you find what you're looking for, it is listed in both alphabetical and general frequency order. This will allow you to communicate clearly with others, and will also help you recognize the most popular words and phrases found anywhere.

MostUsedWords does not only offer a dictionary for essential vocabulary. There are more frequency dictionaries by language fluency that can help you gain more Czech words:

The Czech Frequency Dictionary: Intermediate Vocabulary includes the 5,000 most frequently used words, which helps you understand 89% of spoken Czech and 85% written Czech.

The Czech Frequency Dictionary: Advanced Vocabulary includes 7,500 of the most common words. These words can help you communicate clearly and comprehend 93% of written text and 97% of spoken Czech.

The Czech Frequency Dictionary: Master Vocabulary includes 10,000 most commonly used words in Czech. This will provide you with a vocabulary similar to that of a native speaker with higher education. It is possible to understand 98% of spoken Czech and 95% of written Czech when you learn this many.

These frequency dictionaries will allow you to express yourself clearly and help you deal with difficult material, whether academically or cognitively. You can communicate more effectively with language skills that are higher than those of native speakers if you have them.

You can track your learning progress online and improve your knowledge by taking quizzes in Czech or turning off subtitles while watching a movie or series. Learning is more fun when you have to overcome challenges. This makes learning more exciting and will make you want to learn more.

Celebrate Success

Now, after learning your first 250 Czech words, have you written a text just by recollecting them? If so, then congratulate yourself! You just reached your first 5000 Czech words? Celebrate! It doesn't matter what your accomplishments may be, you should still celebrate them and give yourself an award, or even a simple pat on the back for a good job.

Learn Czech As A Beginner

Only a handful of people are able to stay on track and still feel motivated throughout their learning journey. While learning Czech as a beginner is certainly a difficult task, staying focused and on the right path to your goal was a huge accomplishment. You can download the ebook version from our site, or you can purchase our dictionaries as paperbacks on Amazon. Get the pleasure of studying just by reading.

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