Czech Words For Beginners

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Czech Words For Beginners

Many benefits can be gained from learning another language. It allows you to express your creativity and stimulate your mind. Learning a new language can give you an advantage and help you succeed in your business and personal life. It can be a great way to communicate with people from different countries and get new clients. You can also immerse yourself in the culture and arts of Czech-speaking countries. It will allow you to discover the stories and secrets behind some of the most famous dishes in the world, as well as the original dialogues from Czech films or movies.

Having a list of basic Czech words can help you on your language learning journey. This can be your guide to knowing just how many words you are familiarizing yourself with and using them in your daily conversation.


One way to improve your understanding of Czech as a beginner is to learn key words. This can help you read basic texts more easily. For example, if you come across a simple sentence in Czech, a word list can help you identify the meaning of unknown words. The great thing about word lists is that they often include the translation for each word.

We offer frequency dictionaries on our website. These dictionaries contain sample sentences with the most commonly used Czech words to help learners acquire them through context. These dictionaries are freely available to anyone and can be downloaded as PDFs. 

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Learn Czech words for beginners to start building your vocabulary. This will allow you to understand certain contexts that you might have missed in some conversations. This article will provide basic Czech vocabulary words and phrases for people who are just starting out in their journey to fluency. These words and phrases have been collected by us to help you create your own Czech word list.

Important Czech Words for Beginners

Start your journey to a better and wider vocabulary with these basic Czech words:

Ahoj means “hello”

Sbohem means “goodbye”

Prosím means “please”

Děkuji means “thank you”

Promiňte means “sorry”

Ano means “yes”

Ne means “no”

SZO? means “who?”

Co? means “what?”

Proč? means “why?”

Kde? means “where?”

Protože means “because”

Den means “day”

Rok means “year”

Nyní means “now”

Věc means “thing”

S means “with”

Stejný means “same”

On means “he”

Ona means “she”

Jim means “them”

Czech Phrases Beginners Should Know

It is a great start for beginners to learn the basic conversational building blocks. Simple phrases like "Good morning" and "How are you?" can help you get started in conversations. By learning some key phrases in Czech, you can begin to grease the wheels of daily conversation in this language.

dobré ráno means “good morning”

dobré odpoledne means “good afternoon”

dobrý večer means “good evening”

chybíš mi means “I miss you”

nesnáším tě means “I hate you”

Miluji tě means “I love you”

Jmenuju se… means “my name is…”

Jak se jmenuješ? means “what’s your name?”

Rád vás poznávám means “nice to meet you”

jak se máte? means “how are you?”

Mám se dobře, děkuji means “I’m fine, thank you”

žehnej vám means “bless you”

Kolik je hodin? means “what time is it?”

jsem ztracený means “I am lost”

nerozumím means “I do not understand”

Promiňte. Kde je koupelna? means “Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?”

mohl byste mluvit pomaleji, prosím means “could you speak more slowly please”

Czech Verbs for Beginners

While it is important to know basic Czech vocabulary, you won't be able to learn Czech if you don't have basic Czech verbs. These basic verbs allow you to begin putting together sentences and ideas using Czech words for beginners.

Otevřít means “to open”

Pomoci means “to help”

Být means “to be”

mít rád means “to like”

Hrát means “to play”

Zavolat means “to call”

Chtít means “to want”

Mít means “to have”

Vědět means “to know”

Žít means “to live”

Vařit means “to cook”

Jíst means “to eat”

Mluvit means “to talk”

Poslouchat means “to listen”

Psát means “to write”

Říct means “to tell”

Přijít means “to come”

Myslet means “to think”

Rozumět means “to understand”

Číst means “to read”

Pít means “to drink”

Pracovat means “to work”

Použít means “to use”

Basic Czech Descriptions

It is essential that you know the Czech words for beginners that are used to describe a person or a thing. This will make it easier for you to create simple sentences quickly and effectively.

velký means “big”

malý means “small”  

obrovský means “huge” 

hubený means “thin”

štíhlý means “slender/slim”

vyhublý means “skinny”

štíhlounký means “petite”

vysoký means “high/ tall”

krátký means “short”

krásná means “beautiful” 

pohledná means “handsome” 

škaredý means “ugly”  

pěkný or hezký means “pretty”  

ohromující means “stunning”

prostý means “plain/ simple”  

průměrný means “average”  

přitažlivý means “attractive”

Get More Words With Most Used Words Frequency Dictionaries

If you want to learn Czech, you can't just rely on a list of words from an online source. You'll need a frequency dictionary to really improve your vocabulary and understanding of the language whether you like it or not. MostUsedWords offers Czech Frequency Dictionaries for all learners. These books include the essential vocabulary to get you started on your way to fluency. They also contain English translations and sample sentences so you can better understand how the words are used in context.


Czech Words For Beginners


  1. Czech Frequency Dictionary: Beginners Vocabulary
  2. Czech Frequency Dictionary: Intermediate Vocabulary
  3. Czech Frequency Dictionary: Advanced Vocabulary
  4. Czech Frequency Dictionary: Master Vocabulary

Make sure to practice the words and phrases in conversation, so that you are comfortable using them in real-life situations. A Czech dictionary or phrasebook can be kept handy to help you quickly reference the words and phrases whenever you need them.

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