Bulgarian Words For Beginners

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Bulgarian Words For Beginners


There are many benefits to learning another language. Language learning offers many benefits. It allows you to express your creativity and stimulate your mind, just like learning new skills do. Learning a new language can give you an advantage and help you succeed in your business and personal life. Learn Bulgarian is a great way to communicate with other people and to get new clients. It can also help you make new friends. Learning a second language can also help your brain stay sharp and be more flexible even as you grow older. It also allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and arts of Bulgarian-speaking countries. You will learn the secrets and stories behind the world's most famous culinary creations, and also understand the original dialogues in Bulgarian movies or films.

A word list of basic Bulgarian phrases can be a great help during your language learning journey. This list can help you determine the words you need everyday to acquire enough vocabulary, and how to use them in daily conversation.


Basic texts can be understood and read more easily if you start with learning the Bulgarian words for beginners. As an example, if you're trying to understand a simple sentence in Bulgarian, then a word list can help you find the word you need. Word lists have the advantage of having the translation for every word they have on the list.

Our website provides frequency dictionaries. These dictionaries offer sample sentences that show the most frequently used Bulgarian words. This helps learners understand words naturally through reading them in context. If you prefer ebooks, you may download the ebooks as PDF files on our website.

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Learn Bulgarian words for beginners to start building your vocabulary. This will enable you to understand certain contexts that you might be missing in conversations. In this article, we provide basic words and phrases of the Bulgarian language. These words and phrases were compiled by us to make it easier for you to create your own word list to begin learning Bulgarian.

Important Bulgarian Words for Beginners

Start your journey with these basic Bulgarian words, and add more to your vocabulary as you go:

Здравейте means “hello”

Довиждане means “goodbye”

Моля те means “please”

Благодаря ти means “thank you”

съжалявам means “sorry”

да means “yes”

не means “no”

СЗО? means “who?”

Какво? means “what?”

защо? means “why?”

където? means “where?”

защото means “because”

ден means “day”

година means “year”

сега means “now”

нещо means “thing”

C means “with”

един и същ means “same”

той means “he”

тя means “she”

те means “they”

Bulgarian Phrases Beginners Should Know

If you're looking to learn the basics of conversation in any language, Bulgarian included, a great place to start is with simple phrases like "Good morning" and "How are you?" By using these phrases, you can begin to grease the wheels of conversation, making it easier to hold a conversation in any language.

добро утро means “good morning”

добър ден means “good afternoon”

добър вечер means “good evening”

липсваш ми means “I miss you”

мразя те means “I hate you”

Обичам те means “I love you”

моето име е… means “my name is…”

как се казваш? means “what’s your name?”

приятно ми е да се запознаем means “nice to meet you”

Как сте? means “How are you?”

добре съм, благодаря means “I’m well, thank you”

Колко е часът? means “what time is it?”

изгубих се means “I am lost”

не разбирам means “I do not understand”

Извинете ме. Къде е банята? means “Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?”

бихте ли говорили по-бавно, моля means “would you speak slower, please”

Bulgarian Verbs for Beginners

Although it is important to know some basic Bulgarian vocabulary, you won't be able to learn the language properly unless you also know some basic Bulgarian verbs. These verbs will enable you to start putting together sentences and ideas using Bulgarian words, even if you're just a beginner.

да отвориш means “to open”

да помогна means “to help”

да бъде means “to be”

да харесвам means “to like”

да играя means “to play”

да се обади means “to call”

да искам means “to want”

имам means “to have”

да бъде means “to be”

да знам means “to know”

да живея means “to live”

готвя means “to cook”

да ям means “to eat”

говоря means “to talk”

да слушам means “to listen”

да пишеш means “to write”

Да кажа means “to tell”

да дойде means “to come”

да мисля means “to think”

да разбера means “to understand”

да чета means “to read”

да пия means “to drink”

да работиш means “to work”

да използвам means “to use”

Basic Bulgarian Descriptions

It is essential that you know the Bulgarian words for beginners that are used to describe a person or a thing. This will make it easier for you to create simple sentences quickly and effectively.

Голям means “big / large”

малък means “small”  

огромен means “huge” 

крехък means “fragile/lean”

стройна means “slender”

кльощав means “skinny”

висок means “tall”

къс means “short”

красив means “beautiful/ handsome” 

грозен means “ugly”  

зашеметяващ means “stunning”

обикновени means “ordinary”  

нормален means “normal/ average”  

атрактивен means “attractive”

Get More Words With Most Used Words Frequency Dictionary


Bulgarian Words for Beginners


Learning new words and gaining Bulgarian vocabulary from an online source is not enough. You will need a frequency dictionary whether you want to or not. Most Used Words offers a Bulgarian Frequency Dictionary for all beginner learners. This book includes the essential vocabulary to get you started on your way to fluency. Each word contains English translations and sample sentences you can use to better understand the use of terms through context.

Keep in mind that practicing the Bulgarian phrases and words in conversation can make them easier to use in real-life situations, as it makes you more comfortable speaking it. You can also keep a phrasebook or our Bulgarian dictionary handy for a quick reference if you need it.

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