Russian Frequency Dictionaries

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The Russian Frequency Dictionaries Set, consisting of 4 Russian to English books.

We offer you a steep discount if you pre-order our Russian Frequency dictionary set. 

Book 1: essential vocabulary (regular price: 29.95$)

For beginners, contains the 2.500 most common Russian words. Out September 1st 2019

 Book 2: intermediate vocabulary (regular price: 29.95$)

For intermediate learners, contains the 2.501-5000 most common Russian words. Out October 1, 2019

Book 3: advanced vocabulary (regular price: 29.95$)

For advanced students. This book contains the 5001-7500 most common Russian words. Available November 1st 2019

Book 4: master vocabulary (29.95)

For very advanced learners. Contains the 7500-10000 most common Russian words. Available December 1st 2019

Available in paperback and digital e-book. (PDF).

If you pre order now, I'll send you the books as they come available. You'll get a copy of the first, special edition, signed with your name. 

With your help, we can create these handy tools faster.

A lot of time and money goes into the creation of reliable and good frequency lists. With your pre order, you help us to create these frequency dictionaries faster. 


Thank you for your support in advance! Please don't hesitate to ask us anything you would like to know. 


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