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How To Say "Stairs" In Spanish

Have you ever wondered how to say "stairs" in Spanish? As language enthusiasts, it is always fascinating to discover the various ways words are expressed across different cultures. In this article, we will delve into the translation and meaning of the word "stairs" in Spanish, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its usage. So, let us begin!

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What is "Stairs" in Spanish?

To express the concept of "stairs" in Spanish, the word you are looking for is escaleras (IPA: /es.ka.ˈle.ɾas/). It is the term most commonly used in the Spanish language to refer to a set of steps or a staircase.

Meaning of "Stairs" in Spanish

The word "escaleras" encompasses the same meaning as its English counterpart. It refers to a set of steps or rungs that link two planes at different levels in a building or terrain and are used for ascending and descending. Whether it is ascending or descending, "escaleras" serves as a versatile and widely recognized term among Spanish speakers.

It is important to distinguish between "escalera" (Stair) and "escaleras" (Stairs). "Escalera" —meaning "escalón"— is "single step," such as in "Mario se sentó en el último escalón" (Mario sat on the top stair.) Escalera is as well "set of steps", such as in "Una pequeña escalera conducía a la buhardilla" (A small stair lead up to the attic.) In its turn, escaleras mean "set of steps," such as in "Juanita subió por las escaleras al restaurante del museo" (Juanita climbed the stairs to the museum's restaurant.)     

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Exploring Synonyms and Related Terms

While "escaleras" is the most common word used to denote "stairs" in Spanish, there are a few synonyms and related terms worth mentioning:

  • Peldaños (IPA: /pel.ˈda.ɲos/): This term specifically refers to the steps of a staircase, emphasizing the individual components rather than the structure as a whole.
  • Escalinata (IPA: /ˈna.ta/): This word describes a grand or monumental staircase often seen in public buildings or landmarks.
  • Escalones (/es.ka.ˈlo.nes/): Similar to "peldaños," "escalones" is another way to refer to individual steps within a staircase.

How to Say "Stairs" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "stairs" in Spanish:

  • Sube las escaleras.

(Go up the stairs.)

  • Las escaleras son empinadas.

(The stairs are steep.)

  • Las escaleras conducen al sótano.

(The stairs lead to the basement.)

  • Ten cuidado al bajar las escaleras.

(Be careful when going down the stairs.)

  • Las escaleras están al final del pasillo.

(The stairs are at the end of the hallway.)

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In this article, we have explored the meaning and translation of the word "stairs" in Spanish. We discovered that "escaleras" is the primary term used to refer to stairs in Spanish, encompassing the same meaning as its English counterpart. Additionally, we provided you with sample sentences to demonstrate how "escaleras" is used in everyday communication. By incorporating these new phrases into your Spanish repertoire, you will be well-equipped to express the concept of stairs accurately.

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