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How To Say "Culture" In Spanish

Culture is an essential aspect of human society, and it plays a significant role in shaping the way people interact with one another. In Spain, the country's diverse regions have given rise to a rich cultural heritage that has been preserved through the ages. If you are interested in learning how to say "culture" in Spanish or what it means, this article will provide you with all the information you need.

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What is "Culture" in Spanish?

The Spanish word for "culture" is "cultura" (IPA: /kulˈtuɾa/). This term refers to the shared beliefs, customs, traditions, and values that define a particular group of people. Cultura is also used to describe the artistic, literary, and intellectual works of a society.

Meaning of "Culture" in Spanish

In Spanish, culture has a broader meaning than in English, as it encompasses not only the arts and intellectual pursuits but also everyday customs and social norms. Spanish culture is known for its emphasis on family, food, and celebrations, and each region has its unique traditions and ways of life.

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How to Say "Culture" in Spanish

  • Cultura: This is the most common way to say "culture" in Spanish. It is used in both Latin America and Spain.

  • Civilización (IPA: /θiβiliθaˈθjon/): This word is used to refer to a more advanced or sophisticated culture, such as that of ancient Rome or Greece. It is not commonly used to describe modern-day cultures.

  • Folklore (IPA: /fo̞lklo̞ˈɾe/): This word refers to the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a particular culture or region. It is commonly used in Latin America.

  • Costumbres (IPA: /kostumˈbɾes/): This word refers to the customs and traditions of a particular culture. It is commonly used in Spain.

  • Tradiciones (IPA: /tɾadiˈθjones/): This word refers to the traditions and practices of a particular culture. It is commonly used in Latin America.

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How to Say "Culture" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "culture" in Spanish:

  • La cultura española es muy rica en historia y tradiciones.

(Spanish culture is very rich in history and traditions.)

  • El arte y la literatura son aspectos importantes de la cultura latinoamericana.

(Art and literature are important aspects of Latin American culture.)

  • Me encanta el folklore mexicano, especialmente las danzas tradicionales.

(I love Mexican folklore, especially the traditional dances.)

  • Las costumbres españolas son muy diferentes de las costumbres americanas.

(Spanish customs are very different from American customs.)

  • En Argentina, las tradiciones gauchas son muy valoradas y respetadas.

(In Argentina, gaucho traditions are highly valued and respected.)


In conclusion, culture is a fascinating topic that encompasses so many different aspects of life. Knowing how to say culture in Spanish, and understanding its meaning, can help you communicate better with Spanish speakers and gain a deeper appreciation for their customs and traditions. Whether you are interested in learning more about Latin American folklore, Spanish art, or the history of ancient civilizations, understanding the concept of cultura is essential. So, keep practicing, and soon enough, you will be able to express yourself in Spanish with ease!

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