The 10,000 Most Common Portuguese Words

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The 10,000 Most Common Portuguese Words

It is absolutely essential to learn the top 10,000 Portuguese words as they are the most commonly used keywords in the Portuguese language. That is a key subset of the 300,000 words currently in use. Learning them will assist you in being well-versed in written Portuguese for about 97% and in spoken Portuguese for about 98%. As such, if you really aim to achieve your objectives, you should put in a lot of effort.

A highly credible Portuguese frequency list is an incredibly useful tool for any Portuguese learning strategy. This methodology will truly encompass each beneficial Portuguese word from cover to cover of every Portuguese learner's curriculum. It supports all of the requisite Portuguese vocabulary, from A1 to C2+, which means, from beginner to advanced.

The 10000 most common Portuguese words will significantly enable you to comprehend Portuguese extremely well because they include all of the important words, phrases, and sentences you need to grasp.

These commonly used Portuguese words are derived from an intricately coordinated dataset of Portuguese translations and other spoken and written resources. It provides materials that are useful for both written and spoken Portuguese.

Indeed, the top 10,000 Portuguese terms are included in the Portuguese frequency list. You will receive four volumes, each comprising 2,500 of the most frequently used Portuguese words.


The Top 10,000 Portuguese Words.

This collection features the Portuguese words you'll need to get familiar with so you can speak effectively with others. Both written and spoken Portuguese fall under this category.

These books are actually intended for all levels of learners. It is also designed for individuals who desire to maximize their vocabulary in Portuguese.

Click on the hyperlink to our E-books and browse the reviews to recognize what our buyers have to conclude:

  • Beginner Portuguese - 2500 most common Portuguese Words
  • Intermediate Portuguese - 2501-5000 most common Portuguese Words
  • Advanced Portuguese - 5001-7500 most common Portuguese Words
  • Master Portuguese - 7501-10,000 most common Portuguese Words

    Should you order our eBook series, you can enjoy a terrific discount on the 10,000 most frequently used Portuguese words: 4 Portuguese Frequency Dictionaries.

    Aside from that, you can purchase our paperbacks on Amazon. You may also read our clients' reviews by following the links below:

  • Essential Portuguese - 2500 most common Portuguese Words
  • Intermediate Portuguese - 2501-5000 most common Portuguese Words
  • Advanced Portuguese - 5001-7500 most common Portuguese Words
  • Fluent Portuguese - 7501-10,000 most common Portuguese Words
  • 4 Tips to Learn the 10,000 Most Used Portuguese Words 

    If you actually want to familiarize the most commonly used Portuguese words very well, you should analyze them logically with other learning supplies. You must also put emphasis on listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Consider the following tips to guide you in learning Portuguese more thoroughly:


    1. With our Frequency List, Familiarize and Gradually Memorize the Top 10,000 Most Common Portuguese Words.

    If you want to be well-versed with Portuguese rapidly, start with the most commonly used words, adhere to your routine, and be diligent.

    Make it a priority to learn 10 new words every day for 100 days to accurately master the language. This list of the 10.000 most common Portuguese words here can assist you in your process of learning.


    1. Be Sure to Consistently Listen to Portuguese Audio Courses.

    There are numerous audio courses available to help you enhance your grammar and become more conversant in speaking and listening in Portuguese. They offer a tremendous influence on perfecting your verbal skills.

    Take note that merely listening to audio sessions would not instantly turn you into a Portuguese genius. Rather, the one and only way to progress effectively is to repeat the words and sentences repetitiously. It is also important to listen to them regularly

    Reciting different words and sentences might help you expand your vocabulary. You can capture a video of yourself reading and pronouncing these words.


    1. Always Find Time to Watch Portuguese Netflix Shows and Listen to Podcasts.

    You can watch Portuguese episodes with English captions on Netflix. It is an extremely impactful approach to learning Portuguese. This methodology will teach you a wide variety of new vocabulary. In addition, you can listen to Portuguese podcasts in your personal time or while doing household tasks.

    Practicing these tips can significantly boost your drive and interest in the Portuguese language. I routinely listen to the radio while cooking, exercising, or dining. Fortunately, after listening to these words and sentences all day, I've come to interpret them. It's indeed, in my viewpoint, a pleasant way to learn the most commonly used Portuguese words.


    1. Determine the 80/20 Standard Portuguese Grammar and Familiarize It.

    Purchasing a practice version or a 1-page reference manual, such as Quickstudy, can help you learn your much-needed Portuguese grammar rules. Put more focus on the most widely used and valuable grammar if you intend to incorporate it into your developmental phase.


    Give it your best shot to grasp the 10,000 most commonly used Portuguese terms and create some ways to achieve it. If you want to study Portuguese by yourself, recall that the most ideal program is to start with the fundamentals and move up to know their vocabulary. Once you employ this strategy, you'll be fluent in a single glance!

    Portuguese frequency lists are also included in our top-grade frequency dictionaries.


  • Beginner Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Intermediate Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Advanced Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Master Portuguese Vocabulary

  •  Paperbacks:

  • Essential Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Intermediate Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Advanced Portuguese Vocabulary
  • Fluent Portuguese Vocabulary

    You will soon notice that you can speak effectively in Portuguese once you begin using the audio programs.



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