The 10,000 Most Common German Words

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The 10,000 Most Common German Words

Seize the opportunity to learn the top 10,000 German words. These are the most frequently spoken words in the German language, which come from the 300,000 that are now in usage. They assist you in learning around 98% of spoken German as well as 97% of written German. Therefore, if you wish to increase your learning and optimize your performance, you must study harder to achieve this goal.

A well-filtered German frequency list is an exceptional contribution to any German learning tactic. This guide will undoubtedly give every key German word from the beginning to the end of every German learner's course material. From A1 to C2+, it includes all of the German vocabulary you need to understand. (From beginner to advanced)

The 10000 most common German words will genuinely enable you to properly comprehend German because they comprise all of the basic phrases and words you should learn.

These most frequently used German words are taken from a well-organized database of German subtitles and other spoken and written materials. It contains useful resources for both written and spoken German.

Even so, the German frequency list includes the top 10,000 German words. You'd be given four books, each featuring 2,500 of the most commonly used German words.


The Top 10,000 German Words.

This collection features all of the essential German vocabulary you'll need to communicate effectively with others. This holds true for both speaking and writing.

These series of books are clearly meant for all categories of students, from beginners to experts. It is also intended for people who want to improve their knowledge of German vocabulary.

Find out what our buyers are thinking by following the links to our E-books and scrolling through their reviews:

  • Beginner German - 2500 most common German Words
  • Intermediate German - 2501-5000 most common German Words
  • Advanced German - 5001-7500 most common German Words
  • Fluent German - 7501-10,000 most common German Words

    If you purchase our eBook set, you will obtain an extra discount on the 10,000 most common German words: 4 German Frequency Dictionaries.

    We also have paperbacks available on Amazon. By clicking on the link buttons below, you can read our clients' assessments:

  • Essential German - 2500 most common German Words
  • Intermediate German - 2501-5000 most common German Words
  • Advanced German - 5001-7500 most common German Words
  • Master German - 7501-10,000 most common German Words 
  • Crucial Tips on How to Learn the 10,000 Most Used German Words

    You can decide to learn the most used German words successively with other learning tools to learn quickly and efficiently. Plus, you must focus on reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Follow these tips to learn German more effectively:


    1. Master the 10,000 Most Common German Words with the Support of Our Frequency List.

    Begin with the most popular terms and establish your routine if you want to master the German language quickly. Maintain consistency.

    Give it your best shot to reach a target of learning 10 new words per day in order to build a useful vocabulary in just 100 days. Get your list of the 10.000 most common German words here. 


    1. Constantly Listen to Audio Courses Available.

    There are a variety of audio tutorials accessible to assist you in advancing your grammar and becoming more confident talking and listening in the new language you are learning. They are quite impactful in terms of strengthening communication skills.

    Take note that merely listening to an audio program will not make you a German expert. The only way to become progressively proficient is to say the words and phrases aloud. Moreover, listening is beneficial too.

    You can strengthen your vocabulary as well by repeating the necessary words and expressions. You can record a clip of yourself while doing this exercise.


    1. Try to Watch German Netflix Shows & Subscribe to German News Programs.

    You can alternatively watch German shows with English subtitles on Netflix. It is a very effective method of mastering the language. This method will educate you with a multitude of new words. Aside from that, you can listen to German programs on the radio in your leisure time or while doing home tasks.

    By implementing these tactics, you may be able to considerably increase your enthusiasm in the German language. While studying or snacking, I regularly listen to the radio. Luckily, I've learned to familiarize these phrases and words after listening to them the whole day. Hence, I believe it is an excellent way for learning the most common German words.


    1. Comprehend the 80/20  Basic German Grammar Rule.

    If you want to learn more about the German grammatical rules, you can buy an introduction book or a one-page study guide like Quickstudy. If you plan to use it, focus on remembering the most commonly used and noteworthy grammar.



    Create an achievable goal of learning the 10,000 most commonly used German terms. If you aspire to self-learn German, the most rudimentary solution is to begin with the basics and then progress to perceive their vocabulary. You'll be fluent in no time if you use this strategy!

    We continuously create German word frequency lists in our instructional frequency dictionaries.


  • Beginner German Vocabulary
  • Intermediate German Vocabulary
  • Advanced German Vocabulary
  • Fluent German Vocabulary


  • Essential German Vocabulary
  • Intermediate German Vocabulary
  • Advanced German Vocabulary
  • Master German Vocabulary

    Once you begin using the audio courses, you will immediately discover that you can interact effectively in the German language.

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