The 10,000 Most Common Czech Words

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The 10,000 Most Common Czech Words

You must have a goal of learning the top 10,000 Czech words. These are the most frequently used words in the Czech language, out of the 300,000 presently in use. They help you to comprehend around 97% of written Czech and 98% of spoken Czech. Thus, if you want to expedite your learning process, this goal will indeed help you.

This Czech frequency list is a wonderful solution to any Czech learning approach. This book contains all Czech words from the very start up to the ending of any Czech learner's course. It encompasses all of the Czech vocabulary that a learner needs to know. The scope if from CEFR A1 (novice) to C2+ (advanced).

The 10000 most common Czech words provide you with all of the words you need to effectively grasp Czech language.

The 10000 most common Czech words are gathered from a professionally curated textual corpus that includes Czech subtitles, and other spoken and written content. It thoroughly provides relevant data sets for both spoken and written Czech.

Moreover, the Czech frequency list includes the 10,000 most often used Czech words. You will receive four books, each containing 2,500 of the most common Czech words.

The Top 10,000 Czech Words.

They include all of the Czech vocabulary that a learner wants to master for daily use, including both written and spoken language.

This book collection is designed for all learners, from newbies to experienced students, as well as anyone else who wants to learn Czech vocabulary quickly.

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  1. Beginner Czech - 2500 most common Czech Words
  2. Intermediate Czech - 2501-5000 most common Czech Words
  3. Advanced Czech - 5001-7500 most common Czech Words
  4. Fluent Czech - 7501-10.000 most common Czech Words


With our eBook collection, our 4 Czech Frequency Dictionaries in PDF, you will receive a set discount on the 10.000 most common words.

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  1. Essential Czech - 2500 most common Czech Words
  2. Intermediate Czech - 2501-5000 most common Czech Words
  3. Advanced Czech - 5001-7500 most common Czech Words
  4. Master Czech - 7501-10,000 most common Czech Words 


How Can You Learn the 10.000 Most Used Czech Words?

You can try to incorporate studying the most commonly used Czech terms simultaneously with other learning programs so that you can learn faster. You should primarily cover reading, listening, speaking, and perhaps some writing. However, here are some pointers you can apply:


1. Learn the 10,000 Most Common Czech Words through our List.

If you desire to learn Czech speedily, I recommend starting with the most common words and working your way up.

Establish a goal of learning 10 new words daily, and you will have a communicative vocabulary in 100 days. You can get your list of the 10.000 most common Czech words here. 


2. Learn via Audio Courses.

Several audio tutorials are available to help you improve your grammar and become warmed up to speaking and listening to a foreign language. They are extremely beneficial to conversational proficiency.

However, you won't become fluent in Czech simply by listening to an audio program. The only way to become truly eloquent is to speak the words and sentences. Even so, listening is advantageous. You could also expand your vocabulary by repeating those necessary phrases and words.

To enhance your diction, carefully listen to the audio tutorials and speak the words aloud and repetitively. Make a video of yourself doing this.


3. During Your Free Time, Watch Czech Films or Series on Netflix & Listen to Podcasts.

There are also Czech films with English subtitles you can stream on Netflix. It is a fantastic way of learning the language. This approach will teach you numerous new vocabulary. Throughout the day, you can also listen to discussion program radio or Czech podcasts.

With these strategies, you might significantly enhance your engagement with the Czech language. I generally have some talk show radio on whenever I am doing something. Since I am continuously hearing those words, I become well-familiar with them. So, I think it is also a great way to absorb different Czech words.


4. Be Familiar with the 80/20 Czech Grammar Rule.

Personally, I persistently listen to audio programs for grammar learning, but if you desire more knowledge or depth on Czech grammar you can try to purchase a summary book on Czech grammar or a 1-page reference guide, such as Quickstudy. Concentrate on learning the most widely used and important grammar.



Ensure to set a realistic target of learning the 10,000 most common Czech words. In terms of self-learning the Czech language, the easiest method to get started is to get familiarized first with the basics then work your way up on expanding your vocabulary and fluency as well.

The frequency dictionaries we publish include useful Czech word frequency lists. We've got one for:



When you begin using the audio resources, you will eventually discover that you can effectively interact in Czech.

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