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Benefits of learning French

Why Learn French? 6 Amazing Reasons To Learn French!

You know what?

I always wanted to learn a new language.

But I was not sure about which language lured me the most.

I’m fluent in English, but what about a new foreign language?

How many did I know? None!

A lot of things stopped me from learning a new language, like procrastination, lack of determination and c’mon, who wants to ditch their long afternoon naps for a language course?

But later when I was 14, I visited France with my parents. We explored the beauty of this zealous and romantic country.

We devoured delicious French dishes like Seafood Soup with Ginger and Yuzu Kosho, Barigoule of Spring Vegetables, Chocolate soufflé, etc. To be honest, we were struggling to pronounce the names of their mouth-watering dishes.

We visited some beautiful places like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Sainte-Chapelle, etc.

France not only filled me with delight but it also spurred me to learn a new language.

I had learnt to say words like Bonjour (Hello), Bonne Journée (Good Day), Au revoir (Good bye), Comment vas-tu (How are you?) etc. during my vacation in France.

Visiting France was my push to focus on learning a new language, and as I had some idea about the French vocabulary and accent, I went for French.

“Dude, I’m not in the position to visit France and find my motivation!”

Hahaha, relax, I’ll give you some beautiful reasons to learn French. I’m sure you will love the language!

Learn francais

It’s a World Language!

French is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. There are more than 220 million people who speak French on 5 continents. French is also a language that is taught in (almost) every country, alongside English.

France is the operator of the biggest international network of cultural institutes that run French-language courses for almost a million learners.

A Language to Benefit Your Career

Learning french opens opportunities

Having the ability to speak both English and French acts as an advantage if your goals are to make a career in the International job market.

The ability to speak the two widely spoken language gives you the opportunity to enter French Companies in France and other French-speaking countries like Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and the continent of Africa.

France being the world’s fifth biggest economy and third-ranking destination for foreign investments, working for French companies can be one of the biggest opportunities to meet your career goals.

Opportunity to Complete Your Education in France

Speaking French can bring up new opportunities to study in the esteemed French Universities and business schools that rank amongst the top universities for higher education in Europe and the world.

Students who can speak French decently can easily get the French Government grant to enroll in French Universities for Post Graduation courses. So, in case you had been wondering why learn French during your vacations, this could be your motivation.

Acts as a Stepping Stone to Learn Other Languages

Once you have learnt French, it acts as a base to learn various other new languages, specially the languages of Love and Romance like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, etc. In fact, learning English becomes easier once you learn French as 50% of English terms come from French language.

Learning this language and gaining the knowledge about its origin acts as a tool to understand and learn other languages more easily.

For example, for many people whose mother tongue isn’t English, it might have been difficult for them to grasp the English language. But had they learnt French first (French is also relatively easier to grasp), learning English would have become easier for them.

The Language of Love!

France is not loved for Paris alone, it is also loved for the culture, the style, the language, and the accent French people have. Today when you speak to your better half, say, je t’aime, ma chérie”, instead of “I love you, sweetheart”. I’m sure they will cherish it throughout the day!

The bonus point is, French is easy to learn! You won’t take time to reach that level where you can hold a French conversation.

Language that Encourages Reasoning and Debate

Greeting people in French

French structures thoughts and spurs critical thinking. It is the language spoken by many great philosophers and scientists like Sartre, Descartes, Pierre and Marie Curie, Georges Charpak, etc.

French lessons for kids not only teaches them the language but also instills some important soft skills like presenting the difference in opinion in the right manner, arguing a case, etc. Basically, the skills required for discussions and negotiations.

Isn’t this amazing?

Learning French can help you develop your skills and open so many great career opportunities. So, are you ready to learn French? Then check out our French learning courses now!

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