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How Do You Speak French? Essential Phrases and Tips To Learn French!

Salut amis!

Could you understand the opening words of this article?

Well, if you didn’t, it means, “Hello, friend”!

And if you understood, on va fêter ça (let’s celebrate), because the ability of speaking French has numerous benefits.

Yes, you heard that right, fellas!

If you haven’t considered learning French yet, you should consider it right away. It will give you the opportunity to enter French companies, universities and business schools. And hey, French is the stepping stone to learning other languages.

Yes, learning other languages like Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese etc. can be easier once you learn to speak French. This is because a lot of Spanish, Italian, Romanian terms (English too) etc. are inspired by French terms.

But yes, you will have a tough time in the beginning. Right from pronouncing the words correctly to following their accent, it will take time and dedication.

But no worries, I have a few tips to make your French learning process easier.

So, let’s hop on to the tips and tricks to learn French!


Become Like France

French is a romantic language

I’m sure you are confused by that subheading.

“Wha.. what? How can I become like France? Are you drunk typing?”


What is France famous for? Love and passion, right?

So, that’s what I ‘m talking about. Grow love and passion towards the language, don’t just do it for the sake of its benefits. Let French sweep you off your feet!

Are you looking for a reason to love French? Really? You want me to give you some reasons to love French? Haven’t you seen the beauty in France? Who doesn’t wishes to visit Paris and Luberon?

Hey, not to forget, learning French will not only make your trip to France easy but also your trip to other 25 French-speaking countries. And, I am asking you to love French because, when you love something, you strive for it.

So, start your French course with the line, “J’adore le français” (I love French).


Live Like You Live in France

A person holding heart shaped cut out

It’s again a bit confusing, right?

Try to surround yourself with French because it is easier to learn a language when you are surrounded by that language.

You might be skeptical about creating France around yourself.

“What? Are you asking me to build Eiffel Tower here?”

No. All you need to do is, watch French movies and TV series with English subtitles. Once you start understanding, try to watch a French movie or TV series without the subtitles.

Could learning be more fun? Who gives you the permission to watch TV series and movies for learning?

Listen to French songs, look out for their lyrics and try to understand the meaning behind the lyrics.

French movies, TV series and songs will help you know how to pronounce French words.

And hey, if you are a movie buff, you are going to love their movies and series.


Grab a French Learning Book

You might want to ask, “Why should I grab a book? We have so many apps online”.

Well, no. Your apps and online courses won’t help you as much as a good French learning book can. And, reading French learning books is as important as watching French movies and series.

These French learning books will not only teach you to read French but also to correctly use the alphabets and accent marks.


Accept that You are Going to Sound Funny at the Beginning

No matter what language you learn, you will sound funny and embarrassing while trying to speak for the first few times.

This is specially the case with French because this language has sounds that do not exist in spoken English.

I have seen people holding themselves back because of the fear of not pronouncing the words right. But hey, learner, it’s okay. We all have been there. As a kid when you tried learning English, you might have made mistakes then too.

Trust me, my mom says, I used to say ‘hostipal’ instead of “hospital”.


Create a French Phrasebook

It’s always a good idea to create a phrasebook. When you are learning French, jot down the most commonly used terms like Bon appetite, Déjà vu etc. so that you can try to add them in your day-to-day conversations.

Apart from the commonly used French terms, write down the phrases you might need if had to start a conversation or talk about yourself with a French-speaking person.

Below are the phrases that will help you learn French quicker.

Essential French phrases

Commonly used phrase

  • Bonjour – Good morning
  • Amour – Love
  • Bonheur – Happiness
  • Oui – Yes
  • Non – No
  • J’adore (whatever you love) – I love (whatever you love)
  • Bon courage – Good luck


Conversation Starters

  • Salut – Hello/Hi
  • Comment vas-tu? – How are you?
  • Quel est votre nom? – What is your name?
  • Merci – Thank you
  • où est la (the place name)? – Where is (the place name)?


Phrases to Talk about Yourself

  • Je viens de (your home country) – I’m from (your home country)
  •  Je veux apprendre le français parce que (your reasons for learning French) – I want to learn French because (your reasons for learning French)
  • Dans mon temps libre, j’aime (your favourite activities) – In my spare time, I like (your favourite activities)
  • Je suis (occupation) – I’m a (your occupation)


Last but not the least, reste motivé (Stay motivated)!

Staying motivated and focused is one of the most important things to learn a new language. Believe in yourself, keep embarrassments at bay and continue learning and practicing.

You have been a beginner in various aspects of life, and if you are good at something today, it’s because you didn’t give up. Hence, stay strong and keep learning!

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