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Ready to Use Marketing Tools

Don't want to set up your own marketing materials? We got you covered. You can use our template to send to your customers right away.

Here are some e-mail marketing templates, articles and other affiliate content that you may use with your affiliate links. Some of these materials have made over 2.000$  or more per mail out.

Swedish English Frequency Dictionary Banners for your use here

More marketing techniques you can apply.

Page jumps on the sales page. Want to directly link to a part of our sales page? As you probably know, buyers can be classified from merely interest (might need more info before they purchase) to ready to buy.

Link to any part of our sales page. Directly to the books where your customer can directly order it, or maybe to educate them about the importance of frequency in language learning first.

These are the different parts of the page you can link to:

Buy the Swedish 1 book

Free Trial E-Book:

The 100 Most Used Swedish Words (with example sentences)

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Virtual Ebook Covers

You can use our virtual ebook covers if you want to use them to promote your affiliate link. Just copy and paste them, and use a linked banner or however you wish to do.