Frequency Dictionaries.


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Our Mission:

We strive to enable everyone to learn a language as fast and as efficient as possible.

We want to help people in achieving their goals.

Why did we start the Frequency Dictionaries?

I needed to get to a conversational fluent level in Spanish as soon as possible, or other words:

"I want to learn a foreign language quick and effortlessly. I want it, and I want it now."

The original list turned out to be a great success. We have since expanded our books with detailed information and example sentences.

The idea behind the books are simple

  • By using a proper scientific basis on efficient language learning methods, we strive to give you the needed vocabulary in an orderly manner.
  • A large source of subtitle data to analyze will present us with the most used vocabulary.
  • Subtitle frequency amount to both spoken and written language. Two birds, one stone.
  • We show you the most used words in descending order, with an example sentences. This way you master your language as soon as possible.
  • Our products can be used as a standalone product for self-study, or as a handy supplement to any other language program.
  • Language teachers use this book to teach their students, with rapid improvements reported.

We hope we are helping you to achieve your dreams.

Thank you for reading.

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