Frequency Dictionaries.

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9/9/2018 Updates:

So. A lot has happened over the summer. The new French-English Bilingual Books selection has been released, with Alice in Wonderland / Alice en Pays des Merveilles climbing to the #1 new release in French language instruction on Amazon.

We're also moving. Partly. Our books will be available from our new and improved online store: Get our books directly from us, cut out the middle man.

Things are moving faster than we can keep up with. So we're hiring.

We're looking for people 1) to take over our SEO Blogging/Social Media.

...and more importantly, 2) proofreaders and editors. If you're fluent (native) in

  • Spanish/English
  • Italian/English
  • French/English
  • German/English

and would like a part time or full-time job where you can work from home and make the world communicate a bit better, please get in touch with your credentials/CV at

Frequency Dictionaries

The Frequency Dictionaries are a range of dictionaries based on word frequency. Which language do you want to learn?


Many language learning methods exist. Different strokes for different folks. We help you choose the right method for you.

Audio Courses

  1. Michel Thomas
  2. Pimsleur

Immersion software

  1. Rocket Languages
  2. Fluenz
  3. Rosetta's Stone (coming soon)

Online Tutors

  1. italki
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